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Prophetic Online Mentorship

This is a one year program where you step into a Mentorship relationship with John Sagoe, who will train you in the area of prophesy, prophetic ministry, prophetic dreams and visions.

With immediate effect the main feature of Prophetic Mentorship will be face-to-face meetings where the purpose of mentorship will be fullfilled by direct questions and answers effectively. We are no more sending indivudal prophecies and there will be no fix number of personal meetings with the prophet. But if God lays something in the spirit of John Sagoe concerning a member, he would contact them through his office.

Apart from that we would like to encourage those that would like to support the new move of the Holy Spirit to stay tuned. More details are soon going to be publicized. Until then we kindly ask all members of prophetic mentorship to pray along, that God's will be done in Switzerland and in Europe in this end time and in preparation of the return of Jesus Christ.

Welcome Package

Don't hesitate to register for a one year program.

The Program includes:
- Your name on Rev John Sagoe's prayer list
- Three times a year: "Time with the Prophet" with all members
- Website backend login for additional Videos

"Time with the Prophet" meetings from 10am - 1pm
- Teaching
- Question & Answer
- Ministration time and prophecy

Dates for "Time with the Prophet" from 10am - 1pm
02. March 2019
15. June 2019
12. October 2019

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