Prophetic Focus of September '19

Prophetic Focus September 2019

Topic: Prophetic

Key Verse (NKJV): I Timothy 1:18
This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.

I see a month where God will open our eyes to understand the prophetic world better, starting with the prophetic books of the Old and New Testament.

I see a month where God is releasing the mantle of prayer upon His church and His people.

I pray that we may see a manifestation of the positive prophetic declarations over our lives, in Jesus’ mighty name.

It’s a month where the people of God will be set free from every addiction that is working against the plan of God in their lives.

I see a season of restoration in different levels: restoration of children and parents relationship, restoration of friendships, restoration of churches, restoration of love relationships etc.

It’s the month of the Lord releasing His people from captivity!
This season is a season of deliverance from everything that has kept us in bondage and has stagnated us from moving forward.

I also see how many people will enter their realms of freedom through the knowledge they will acquire through this season of Prophetic School of Ministry that is starting from the 06.- 08.09. It is the beginning of a fresh water and a freshness of life for many, like the dawn of a new day.

Dates to watch out for in NIC Biel:
02.09.: First Fruit Prayer Encounter, our monthly Monday morning prayer encounter 06-07AM 06.-08.09.: Opening Ceremony of the Prophetic School of Ministry with Prophet Samuel Addison as our guest
04.-06.10.: Next Prophetic School of Ministry weekend with Apostle John Sagoe
* Note: Open Doors on all Fridays and Sundays of School of Ministry *

Scriptures to study:
I Timothy 1, Numbers 11, I Samuel 10 & 19, I Kings 22, Jeremiah 11, Ezekiel 37, Daniel 9, Zechariah 13, Luke 21, Revelation 10 & 11

Prophecy by John Sagoe, Apostle of New International Church

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