A man of integrity

Pastor John Sagoe's ministry lives and is based on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! He is so much in spirit that the world of the prophetic and deliverance, insight and heavenly wisdom, breakthrough and wholesomeness is fully evident in his life and in the church and ministry he is leading. One of the characteristics that make him a sought after preacher and a desired counsellor is the spiritual balance and depth of his life and his message coupled with love and immense grace, followed by signs and wonders!
Numerous miracles and detailed prophetic insight accompany his teaching and the weight of the spirit he is transferring to the ones that follow him and his ministry is completely transformational and revolutionary! He invests a lot into leadership and sound doctrine, preaching the full gospel of Christ, and that is what is evident in his followers!

He is the founder of New International Church with Headquarters in Switzerland where he is heading a board of leadership consisting of 90% Swiss natives and together with them leading a church of over 21 different nationalities and cultures in peace, harmony and love. He has built an orphanage in Ghana and is overseeing branches in USA, Ghana and India as well as Switzerland. Over the years he has proofed to be a defender of truth and will never compromise in teaching the truth about kingdom principles in finances, honor, love, faith, giving etc. which has led many out of captivity into glorious freedom!

Obedient to the voice of God he has become a desperately needed voice to this generation!

If you wish to grow into a life in the spirit, where the prophetic, the miraculous, healing and all spiritual gifts are available, if you want to drink from the spirit of a man who is living a sacrificial lifestyle, a man of prayer, of sanctification and dedication to his assignment and the will of God then register today for this lifechanging opportunity to become a member of his exclusive prophetic mentorship online!

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