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Terms and Conditions

Limitation of liability

The content of our pages has been carefully developed. New International Church does not assume any liability for the propriety, completeness or actuality of the content on www.n-i-c.ch thereof! New International Church also rejects any liability for damage caused by utilisation of www.n-i-c.ch.

New International Church does not take any responsibility for the content of external pages that are linked with www.n-i-c.ch.

Privacy Policy

The utilization of intellectual property of the organization or of a third party on this website is not allowed.
The content on www.n-i-c.ch are protected by copyright. The complete or partial reproduction, distribution (electronical or with other means), modification, the usage for commercial or official purposes needs the approval of New International Church in advance.

Personal Data 
By showing interest in general information of the organization, or subscribing to our newsletter as well as by donating you are deciding to transfer to us your personal data by using our internet-address form. Thereby the organization is using your email address to confirm your payment by email. Due to your specifications we will occasionally send you information by post. Generally the organization does not give any data to external people or other organizations. Your address is only used for appeal for financial support, information emails and advertising campaigns for products of the organization. According to the data protection law of Switzerland you are authorized to come to know if and which of your personal data we are storing. It is possible to correct commissioned data or to renounce the approach. Please let us know in written form by writing an email to ministry(at)n-i-c.ch.

Credit card 
If you entrust us with your credit card number it will be transferred encoded under high security measure and is stored exclusively for bills (kindly note the privacy policy of our financial service company).

www.n-i-c.ch does not assume liability for the activity, contents or linking of third party websites.

For further information about data protection on the organizations website please contact our webmaster under ministry(at)n-i-c.ch


General Terms and Conditions

Payment condition

The underaged need an approval by their statutory representative.

The amount for donation is not predefined and depends solely on the donator. Donations can be transferred via Visa, Mastercard or Postcard. You are being redirected to a secure Postfinance payment page.


An annulation of the payment can be triggered during payment process.

Refundment and cancellation

After the initiation of the payment it is not possible to reclaim the donated money due to organisational reasons. We thank you for your understanding and kindly ask you to really make up your mind before donating.


For the purchase of a Entry ticket to one of our seminars or events no tickets are being sent by post. The confirmation email you receive is at the same time your pass to enter the purchased event!


The collected money will be stocked in the appropriate project account until it can be deployed specifically! The purposed deployment of all donation is being supervised diligently by New International Church!

Your donation goes fully to the account to whitch it has been purposed for and will be used for the appropriate project. All administrational costs are financed solely by uncommitted means.
Designated use of donation

Your money will be put into the earmarked project account depending on your remarks. If you for example want to donate to Safe Haven Children Home then your money will be joined to the mission account and released to Ghana Safe Haven Children Home. Your donation will reach the children home in Ghana to solve whatever need may be! If you donate for the House of Encounter or any other project it will go into that particular account!

New International Church is recognised as a charitable organisation and has increasingly earned trust over the passed years due to responsible Management. New International Church openly informs about activity, deploys donated money effectively and purposively and disposes of effective internal and external control structure.

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